Fruit Detail


Born Free Kai Jiau V 

filled omelette with grilled seasonal mixed vegetables, onion, garlic and red chili, topped with coriander served with toast

Set Kai Pak V

 scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes, mushroom and toast

Polamai Luam V

sweet mango, banana, pineapple and water melon with muesli and yoghurt

Kanom Pung Ping V

Toasts with butter/chocolate/strawberry jam

Pancake V

chocolate/strawberry jam/honey

Salad Detail


Pad Preaow Wan V 

 sweet and sour fried pineapple, tomatoes and onion

Khao Pad Sabparod V

pineapple fried rice with onion and tomatoes

Pad Phakbung V

fried morning glory

Kai Pad Med Mamuang 

chicken stir fried with cashew nuts

Pad Khrapao

spicy fried chicken/pork or seafood with thai basil leaves

Pad Pak Ruam V

 seasonal fried vegetables

Pad Siu V

fried flat rice noodles with kale and soy sauce

Pad Thai V

fried rice noodles cooked in homemade tamarind sauce, tofu, carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts and spring onion

Kwei Teaow Nam V

rice noodle soup with bean sprouts

Tom Yum Thaley

hot and sour seafood soup with mixed mushroom, lemon grass and lime leaves

Tom Kha Kai

chicken in coconut milk with mushroom and cabbage

Khaow Whan Kai V

green curry with cauliflower and local eggplant

Pha Nang V

peanut-coconut cream curry with thai basil and lime leaves

Massaman V

potato, tomato and onion curry

Appetizer Detail


Bpow Bpia V

deep fried vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce

Gai Tod

deep fried chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce/thai spices

Mun Falang V

french fries served with ketchup/mayonnaise

V = Vegetarian dishes Need it to be vegan? Allergic to …? Please let us know.

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